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The Complete Australian Messaging Portal for Media, Fax, SMS and Voice Broadcasting

We pride ourselves in being able to offer you access to one of the worlds most versatile and easy-to-use Press & Media Release Distribution Systems, combined with powerful marketing and messaging tools in a single easy-to-use web portal.

With our services, you can get your press releases out, send instant SMS messages or alerts to your clients, broadcast Voice or IVR messages, or send hard copy fax documents to as many recipients as you need in one go. Our platform is industrial strength, fault tolerant and above all fast.

Whether you are a small home business looking for a competitive edge, a corporate looking for a genuine messaging partner, or a government department looking to save time and money on your communications, we have a solution to meet your needs. Please look around our site to see the variety of ways we can help your business or call us today for a free consultation.

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There is no charge to sign up for our services, or any monthly service fee. You simply pay for what you use. There are no minimum contract periods. Accounts are typically activated within the hour, at which time you will have INSTANT access to all our services. Payment can be made by Paypal or “Monthly Account” for approved customers.

Why not fill in our 2 minute application form and see just how easy it is, to get started with OzCommunication’s Media & messaging Services.


MEDIA | Get Your Press Release Out to Australia and the World in no time

We have one of the most accurate media databases in Australia, covering Press, Radio, TV and On-Line visibility. With a few clicks you can create and store media lists and send your media release 24 hours a day. Take the test drive or  sign up today for a really easy self-serve media experience. We cover Australian and worldwide media outlets, government lists and specialty editors.


SMS Broadcasting | Keeping In Touch with customers and partners is so easy

If you’re looking for business SMS broadcasting that’s flexible, personalised and most importantly – guarantees fast delivery, then we’re your one-stop shop. Send from your personal user login OR simply integrate transactional SMS invites, marketing promotions, client alerts and just about any SMS broadcasting need you can think of, from our very simple API suite of integration tools.


Voice Broadcast | Text To Speech gets your message delivered anywhere

Deliver your message to any phone line in the world.  We can convert your text message into crystal clear speech in over 12 languages and accents, and play it automatically over the phone. This solution is perfect for getting attention from people who work in noisy environments, those without mobile phones or in remote areas, or people who are driving or where reading an SMS is impractical.


Fax Broadcasting is A Fraction of the cost of post and gets results

Send a fax from your computer to one or tens of thousands of recipients at the touch of a button. Fax is ideally suited to either single messages such as invoices, reminders, product notifications etc. Or mass delivery for selling your products & services. We can support mail merging of fax messages with your own data, or provide access to our massive fax number databases FREE of charge.